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About Our Story

Moms that serve in the military together, we thought why not, life is too short not to do the things we absolutely love. So, we started making candles, body butters, lip balms, and milk-baths.

Along the way we have had our ups and downs, made our mistakes, but it's never gotten dull with us because our hearts are truly invested in the benefits this has for the mind, body, and soul.

Being in the service we know what damages hard water, dry air, and just not having the right products can do to the skin. We put our heads together and played around with several different natural ingredients until we came up with what we have today.

Everything from the milk bath to the body butters. Our bodies take more of a beating then we think, it's time we stop, and give back a little nourishment to say thank you.

-Yours Truly
Regal Conception

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Natural Cosmetics
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